About Property Tax Arbitration

As of Jan. 1, 2006, the Texas Legislature authorized a new, less-expensive, option for taxpayers who are not satisfied with the decision rendered by the Appraisal Review Board. It is called Binding Arbitration.

Previously, property owners who filed a protest and presented their case to the Appraisal Review Board could file an appeal in District Court. The process could be time consuming and expensive, potentially costing thousands of dollars. Binding Arbitration is an alternative resolution process at a much lower costs for taxpayers; however, it is NOT a solution for all situations.

For current regulations, more detailed information, and FAQ's about Binding Arbitration, see the links to the State of Texas website on our page https://www.texastaxarbitration.com/p/property-tax.html

Once a decision regarding your appraisal is reached, the agreement is binding, hence the term Binding Arbitration, and must be accepted by the Appraisal District and the property owner. The decision is FINAL.


Please DO NOT contact me with questions about the process or taxes. I am an Arbitrator and simply providing this site as a Public Service of information and shortcuts to the State Comptroller's site.